Why being rich has very little to do with money

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Ring the bell and let’s celebrate — it’s a Podcast Gone Live, baby!

Anne Tipton’s recent episode of Creatively Rich features none other than myself, and I’m thrilled to be sharing this timely message with you.

In this episode, Anne and I talk about what it means to be “wealthy” (hint: it’s not all about cash in the bank), how prioritizing our deepest needs in life actually fuels our earning power, and how important it is to schedule your work-life around the seasons of the year — and the seasons of your life!

I share how I balance the two currencies with which we pay for all things: Time and Money, and how in consciously investing and saving each of them, we can truly flourish in all aspects of our businesses and lives.

Hope you’llĀ check it out here! (15 minutes is all it will take!)

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Rebecca Liston helps her clients predict, pivot, and compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Her clients quickly uncover the root of their challenges and know the actions to take to overcome them. A six-time nominee for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award, Rebecca combines business strategy with intuition, giving her clients the edge on forward-thinking, elegant answers to their most complicated problems. Her clients are entrepreneurs with CEO-mindsets and executives with entrepreneurial instincts. She is based in London, Ontario. What if you could get the answer to your biggest business challenge, in one sitting? Visit rebeccaliston.com to find out more.