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Where I Invested Every Nickel in 2014

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We’re close, right? You and I? I tell you just about everything, really, about how it is to run my own business and a home (single parent!) and how I manage it all from my marketing to my love life (okay…maybe I don’t tell you everything about the love life part but you do get hints from time to time!)

So why don’t we ever talk about money, you and I?

How come I don’t sit you down and say, “Darlin’, this is how much I invested to do ___________ (fill in the blank) and this was the return on that investment.”

Or, “Lovey, let me tell you, I invested so much friggin’ money on those business cards, but damn, it was worth every penny!”

Because you know, you have to invest money to make money.

It’s really quite simple.

And yet, all across the internet there are a zillion bios of a million and twelve coaches who want to tell you exactly what they made (six-figures, seven-figures, millionaire minds, etc.) but no one – NO ONE – wants to tell you where they INVESTED the money it took to make that money they tell you about!

But I am.

I am going to tell you where I invested my money to make my money because I think you need to know. I think it’s important. I think you need to get the idea that people who make a lot of money – or say that they do – are also investing heaps of it to do so.

So here’s where I invested every nickel in 2014:
40% in me and my family (basic household expenses like food and mortgage and utilites, child care, family travel, household upgrades, health care, my kids’ private education, and long and short-term savings and investments)
60% right back into my business (marketing, coaching, employment costs, financial and legal support, office supplies, technology, phone lines, rent, travel, continuing education, insurance, and long and short-term savings)
Yes. You are reading that correctly.

SIXTY PERCENT of what I brought in I re-invested in my business. And the truth is, if I weren’t a sole income-earner parenting two young kids (and if my top lifestyle priority weren’t their private education) I would have re-invested MORE.

That’s how much I believe in my business.

That’s how much I believe in my ability to grow my business.

That’s how much I believe that my future lay in my own hands…and that big investments, when done soundly, create big rewards.

I am, as you know, a testament to my own beliefs.

The more I have invested in my business over the years, the more I have profited. It’s been that way all along! And whenever I find myself getting a bit panicked about my business income, I do the ONE THING that I know will catapult me further (and faster) financially…I invest more money back into the business.

And it works every time.

So here’s my suggestion for you: It’s time to do an Investment Audit. Where are you investing your income? Make a list…where you do you spend every penny at home? In the business? (I track every cent I spend because I also know that what I track, I attract…) And examine your mindset around investing in your business. When you “spend” money on office rent or business cards, do you frown and mutter under your breath about the “costs” of running a business and how horrible it is to have to “spend” every dime you make on such things? OR do pay your rent and purchase those business cards with a sense of determination that this investment will reap rewards? I promise you that taking the time to review these things will in and of itself set you on the path to greater financial freedom, faster!

And in case all this chat about money has your wheels turning, and you’re feeling ready to dive even deeper into the topic, I invite you to join me as I interview Carol Frink, CEO of Real Business Solutions and creator of the “Money Talks” program in which real people learn how to have a real understanding of their money! I guarantee you will leave this LIVE interview feeling really ready to rewrite your money story! See the call-in details below! (No need to pre-register…just jump on the call LIVE!)

Let me know how you make out with your Investment Audit, okay? Because we’re close, you and I, and I want to know how this goes for you.

Big love,




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