My heart is full

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Dear Reader,

Here’s a wee confession for you:

I freakin’ love my Work.

I like the “woo” I get to do.

I like going “into the mystic.”

It’s kinda my jam.

(I am, after all, an Intuitive and a retired Homeopath, so this may not really be that Big of News for most of you! LOL)

But let me continue with my confession for a sec…

I also like being grounded.

And grounding others.

And making sure that the actions we are all taking on this Earth Walk are grounded in our Own Truth.

And I do mean ALL of our actions.

Yep. ALL of them.

Even the decision you made last week to hire a new VA.

Even the choice you made to price your program at $3000.00.

Even the title you picked for your talk at NASA next month.

Each and every action must (I believe) be firmly rooted in one’s Own Truth – or darn close to it – in order that it allow us, and those around us, to flourish.

Even the decision to release a client because it’s not a great fit, even though you’re a little worried – okay, a lot worried – about replacing that revenue.

Even the choice to cut out a program that consistently produces revenue because it doesn’t feel good to you any longer.

Even the bold move you made to close your company because it simply wasn’t working for you and your family any more.

Being in business requires us to make a zillion little decisions – and a dozen big ones – at every turn. And often this can seem overwhelming.

So my advice? Get into your Own Truth. Make choices from That Place. And if your mind is too busy yammering away at you when you try to get into That Place? Then work with someone who can get There on your behalf…someone skilled at turning the volume down on your Busy Mind and going deeper “into the mystic” and uncovering That Which is True For You.

I believe we must be willing to go Deep if we are going to continue to grow our Selves and our Businesses. This Work is not for the faint of heart. And how lucky am I to do this Work with so many of you, each and every day.

My heart is full of gratitude on this February day, Dear Reader. Thank you for being You. For being True. And for sharing this Journey with me.

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