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The two words I am hell-bent on eradicating from your vocabulary

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You know what pains me? Sentences that begin with those dreaded words, “If only…”

If only I had known no one would show up for that workshop, I might not have spent $100 to rent the room.

If only I had checked that person’s references, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time – and money – on hiring and training her!

Don’t get me wrong. I use those words, too. I am not immune to the occasional need to “if only” something. I am human…we all do it…but consider this: what would your business – indeed your LIFE – be like IF ONLY you didn’t have to use those darn words!

(Yes, I am being a bit cheeky here…stick with me…)

What if I told you that I can help you to almost completely eliminate your need to use “if only” statements?

What if I told you that there is a way to be prepared, to know, as best we can possibly know, what date is the best date to hold that workshop, which person would have been the best fit for your company, what was really standing in the way of your business moving ahead?

What if you could know all of that, and more?

What then???

(This is where I invite you to pause and wonder…indeed, what then?)

You would choose dates and make plans for your marketing initiatives that were actually going to produce a return on your investment of time and money.

You would hire the very best person for your team who could do the job you wanted her to do, fit in with the other team members, and be a catalyst for forward momentum in your company

You would know exactly what you needed to do personally and professionally to move your business ahead – whether it was a schedule change, a mindset shift, an investment or acquisition – whatever it took, you would know about it and you could make it happen.

And these are just a few examples of what I can help illuminate for you!

Can you imagine the FREEDOM of this “knowing?” Can you imagine how efficiently you could do things…how much less time you would waste wondering and thinking and pushing your way through?

You see, to me, running a business like a well-oiled machine means I have more freedom to live my life. More time with my kids. More time with my partner-in-crime. More time for ME.

It also means that my brain is clearer…that I don’t have ten thousand thoughts whirling and swirling around in there at all hours of the day and night.

And it means my body is healthier – less stress means my hormones are functioning better, I am sleeping better, digesting better, and feeling like having sex more, too! (Yes, that bordered on too much information but you know what? Stressed bodies don’t want to have sex! I didn’t spend the last 20 years of my life in health care for nothing! LOL I know what I am talking about here!)

All this and more comes from eliminating the “if only”s from your vocabulary…all this and sooooo much more.

Last week I held a Virtual Impact Audit. I didn’t advertise it much…didn’t need to. About a dozen dedicated business owners joined me online to find out what was the number one thing that would impact the growth of their business in 2015. Within 5 minutes, I was able to connect intuitively with their business, find out what that “thing” was that was going to impact them, and also find out what they needed to do to either eliminate it (if it was going to cause a negative impact) or enhance it (if it was going to cause a positive impact.)

There will be far fewer “if only” statements coming out of the mouths of those who were on that call.

Those women will be enjoying more freedom…more sleep…better sex (!)… and more pleasure in 2015 as a result of our few minutes together! I don’t know who is more happy about that…them, me, or their partners LOL.

But seriously, when is “enough, enough?” When is it time to get straight about your plans for 2015…to eliminate obstacles…enhance the positive…stop banging your head against the wall and just KNOW what you need to know to build your business in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible?

Well, I would say that time is now…

And when you are ready, you know where I am.

Right here…

…waiting to support you. Waiting to help you find the answers you need. Waiting to help you eliminate “if only” from your vocabulary, once and for all, so that you, my friend, can be free.




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