The Two-word Mantra That Will Get You Through

The Two-word Mantra That Will Get You Through

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Some days the advice I give to my clients in my role as their coach is really, really simple.

Today is one of those days.

In fact, it’s kind of been one of those months…

I don’t really want to delve too much into the whole political arena but can we just all agree that it’s been a bit tumultuous in our world lately?

And energetically, the planets / stars / what-have-you have also been stirring the pot, shall we say.

And we’ve emerged now from what was a really dark few months (I illuminated more on that here) into a new year and despite the turmoil, the unrest, the head-shaking wonder of “Did he really say that? Out loud?!”, there’s a new current now…a new thread of energy that my clients (and yours, no doubt) are tapping into.

It’s the Steadily Onward current.

If I had a nickel for every time I had said this phrase out loud to myself, to my clients, to my colleagues, I would be, as the saying goes, very rich. For this is, dear reader, the time of moving Steadily Onward.

There is a lot of crap still happening in our world. I do not necessarily suggest you turn a blind eye to it or stop being informed…

No. On the contrary.

It is simply that this is not the time for “just” being informed but taking no action (thankfully the feeling of having our feet embedded in cement that prevailed in November and December has lifted.) However it is also not the time to be informed and take reactive action — the equivalent of waving your arms wildly in the air and throwing out words aimlessly towards no one and everyone, expecting somehow that will make a positive difference.

No, now it is a time to be informed…and it is a time for taking action. But the key here is that it is a time for steady and controlled action…thoughtful action…timeless action…the sort of action that is not reactive but proactive…future-thinking action…the kind of action that moves you Steadily Onward towards your goals.

Will the world still be in a state of unrest? Yes…I do believe this is inevitable.

But I also believe that it is our job, our responsibility, to move Steadily Onward, in spite of that.

We must embody the opposite of Chaos in order to shift our world into a better place. That means that in our lives and in our businesses, we must adopt the mantra “Steadily Onward” and apply it to all that we do.

Do we knit and wear our pink pussy hats just once among the throngs of others who gathered to march with us on one auspicious day?

No. We wear them everyday…every where…always…proudly…with care…and reverence…and calm.

Do we toss our ideas of entering the U.S. market with our new product into the garbage with a rebel yell and a giant, “Well, screw that plan!”

No. We move forward with our plans. We know that what we have to offer is of value. And we know it has a place in that market. We keep going. Onward.

Do we allow the naysayers to tell us that we, as entrepreneurs, are “effed” and that the economy is going to collapse and we had better “get out” while the getting is good, and get a “real job” because no one is going to be able to afford to hire us now?

No. We keep going. We do our work. We serve well. We keep moving, Steadily Onward, towards our goals and dreams.

It is our job to counter the Chaos with our steady actions.

We’ve not come this far to do otherwise.

And so my advice is, as I began, quite simple: Steadily Onward, dear readers. We’ve got this.

Fully completely,

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