Three Ways That Laying on Your Floor Will Improve Your Business

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

When I moved into my new office suite about 3 years ago, I splurged on this really expensive carpet for my office. It’s cushy. And you kind of sink into it when you walk on it.

That said, you may wonder why it took my three whole years lay down on the floor in there…I mean, with soft cushy carpet, what was I waiting for?

So here’s what happened. Lindsay, who shares the office suite with me, and I were doing a massive reorganization of the office space and as a result, I found that I had this empty space about 10 feet by 5 feet in my room. And we looked and looked at that space and pondered aloud about what I might “do” with it.

Maybe I would bring the round table and chairs back in to that space.

Maybe I would set up a camera and use it for filming my videos.

Maybe I would get a piano!

Weeks went by and that space sat empty. And then, one day, quite out of the blue, I got up off my desk chair and laid down on the floor in that empty space.

And it was a transformative moment.

I exhaled. I mean, I really let go of the breath that, until that moment, I had no idea I was holding.

My shoulders began to sink into the floor, the cushy carpet absorbing my weight…

And I closed my eyes…

And my thoughts went blank…

And I was cast adrift into that wonderful place of “being” that so rarely is “reachable” within the confines of one’s office space.

It was decadent; laying on the floor of my office, totally “zen-ed out.” And since that first day, I have discovered three solid benefits to my business that have resulted from my new “practice.”

1. Laying on the floor allows me to change my perspective. The simple act of moving away from my desk, of literally shifting my focus off of my computer and onto the ceiling opens me up to new possibilities, to seeing things anew. The computer screen, as necessary as it is, is confining in and of itself. It is small. It is “tight.” There is nothing “open” about a computer monitor no matter how big. But my ceiling? My ceiling feels infinite and from looking at that blank space, I can find a new perspective, a new view, a new vision, and then I can return to my desk and use that new perspective to achieve my goals more effectively and efficiently.

2. Laying on the floor allows me to rest. Sometimes I am just simply tired. I am the single parent of two small children. I run a bustling business. And there are days I just need a break. I have difficulty relaxing in my desk chair. When I sit there, I feel “keyed up” and that’s not conducive to relaxation! But when I lay on the floor, I can let my body rest, allow my mind to drift, and then return to my desk feeling rested and recharged.

3. Laying on the floor allows me to let crap go. There is something about having all of your body flat on the ground that quite simply allows for release — release of tension, of old ideas, of restrictive energy, of thought patterns that no longer serve me…I have released so much “stuff” that was standing in my way of achieving the results I desired simply by laying on the floor that alone makes the price I paid for that carpet well worth it!

After reflecting on this new practice of laying on the floor of my office and really living its benefits, I decided to get a blanket to take to my office. I even got a couple really pretty pillows.

And the other day when I had a client in who was really struggling with some of the work we were doing, I just invited him to lay down on my floor. I dimmed the lights as he snuggled under my blanket and I left him there on my carpet. Fifteen minutes later, he was back at the table — eager, ready, renewed — and as a result we shifted what could have been an ineffectual meeting into one of our best planning sessions yet.

So while I cannot invite you all to my office for a “carpet session,” I can highly recommend that you consider making laying on the floor a part of your own “routine.” I guarantee you’ll reap great benefits and I hope you’ll tell me all about it!

Big love,





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