The fall equinox, hot chocolate, and log cabins, oh my!

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Psst…It’s Thursday…the final Thursday of September, no less, and we’ve just passed through a gorgeous and powerful Full Moon. It’s time to enjoy the Autumnal Harvest, Dear Ones, and that means reaping the benefits of all that you’ve sown these past seasons.

Here in Orange, Liston, & Dew Land, we find that this time of year is also a Time of Culmination (and culling).

We’re chopping out systems that no longer work or serve us.

We are culling our lists to make room for new growth.

And we are enjoying the creativity of this season as it brings us closer and closer to our Goals — the culminating of months of work. It’s joyous to see it all coming together, as it does, every time (that’s me inserting a reminder to myself that yes, indeed, things do have a way of working out even when, in the midst of it all, sometimes I doubt it! LOL).

Today I write to you from the shores of a tiny wee inland lake in Quebec, Ontario. For those of you who love a good look at a map, find North Bay, Ontario, and draw a line NE until you hit Temiscaming, Quebec. I am even further NE than that, smack in the Middle of Nowhere, but you’ll get the idea! The sun is shining after a massive wind and rain storm last evening that I swear almost shook the log house in which we are staying. The air is damp but warm and I’ve hot chocolate in my mug and my heart is full.

This season is off to a wonderful beginning (even though there are many endings occurring at this very moment as well), and today I am pleased to share with you a little shot of inspiration as you head into this next moon: Sarah Dew being interviewed by Anne Tipton about what it is to be a single mom AND an entrepreneur, and why sometimes, three businesses are better than one.

Oh, and PS: Halfway through this interview, Sarah hints that she’d love someone to take over the task of driving her kiddos to and from school and I am pleased to report that her manifestation skills were top-notch once again and said person has been hired!

Enjoy, Dear Ones, and much love to you today and always,



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