How to tweak, Pivot, and Adjust
to Take Your Business From Good

Business is good…really good. You’ve worked hard. Done what needed to be done. And got to where you wanted to go.

But still…there’s a little niggle in your brain that tells you that things could be even better.

Your team is on top of things, generally speaking, but there are a few things that are slipping through the cracks.

Sales are strong, but if you lost a couple of your clients, you’d be in a bit of a jam.

That one sales funnel is converting well…but the other two are, well, a bit weak.

And you’ve been batting around a new program idea in your head but can’t seem to pull the trigger…and don’t know why not.

You know you don’t need a total over-haul. This isn’t the time to take some online course on how to create sales pages that glisten and gleam. You’ve binders of information and scads of resources saved on your laptop from the programs you’ve taken already. You have the skills. You know the drill.

And you know there’s still something — some elusive “something” — that could take your business from good to, heck, maybe even splendiferous! — but you’re just not quite sure what it is.

“The Alchemy of Alignment,”
Rebecca Liston’s latest offering
for business owners just like you.

In this video, Rebecca shares examples of several ways to get that “something” shifted in your business
so you can hit that place of “splendiferous-ness!”


    She’ll explore some of the key elements in the ways in which you run your business, the ways in which you’ve designed your programs (and priced them), and even the ways in which you’re marketing your work such that you can begin to transition your processes and offerings smoothly from good to better.


    Discover how your schedule, your finances, and even your meeting times may be affecting your outcomes.


    Learn how the contents of your programs (and their prices) may be sabotaging your sales.


    Uncover how your marketing efforts may be being thwarted by a subtle — or large — disconnect between what you’re saying and what your clients are hearing.


    And best of all, learn how to shift these key elements with ease!

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We’re looking forward to sharing “The Alchemy of Alignment” with you because, well, we think the world could use a little more “splendiferous-ness,” don’t you?

I’m Rebecca Liston and I work with business decision makers to quickly uncover the root of their biggest challenges and know what actions to take next, so they can get on with getting results.

Whether you run a one person shop with a virtual team, or lead a multinational corporation rolling out a new product in multiple markets, I can help you get to the meat-and-potatoes of what’s really going on… and know exactly what you need to do to address it, head-on.

Because you don’t have time to mess around. And your business already has the answers you’ve been looking for — all you need to do is listen.