Tell Me What You Want (what you really, really want)

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston


For my entire working life, I have been in the business of helping people achieve what they want.

In my high school days, I worked as a travel advisor in my local community. “Want to have a fun day out with the family? Here’s where you simply must go!”

Later I would work in restaurants. “You want brown toast not white? You got it.”

And grocery stores. “Brown bags or plastic? Choice is yours!”

A copy centre. “Double-sided full colour on purple paper? Consider it done.”

A boat-load of health clinics and hospitals. “Absolutely your husband can come see the ultrasound of the baby, just as soon as I am done with my work.”

An IVF clinic. “You want to be inseminated tomorrow because it is your wedding anniversary? Let’s make that happen!”

My homeopathy practice. “So you’re ready to feel better about your self and your life? I can help you. No drugs required.”

And now my business consulting work. “That big audacious goal you just talked about? Yeah, that one. Let’s do that!”

So you can see I have had plenty of practice helping people achieve what they want. And truth be told, that’s the relatively easy part.

The tough part?

Figuring out what it actually is that you truly want.

White toast or brown? Simple. You likely prefer the taste of one over the other, or maybe you grew up in a household in which you just “always” ate one or the other and the habit stuck.

But what about the bigger questions? What about deciding what you want for your life, your work, your relationships? What about determining what you want to spend your time on? What the legacy you will leave behind will be?

Two weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of helping a new client get into the nitty-gritty of What She Really Wants. She is transitioning from corporate, knows already that she is truly an entrepreneur at heart, but had absolutely no idea what do DO with that information.

Does she open a donut shop? Start peddling widgets and gaskets from her home office?

And when her coach asked her what did she WANT, she really didn’t know how to answer.

That’s where I was called in.

You see, sometimes we have to employ different strategies to get to where we need to go, to answer the questions we hold, to find the solutions we seek. And this woman’s coach new that in order to “solve” the question of What Her Client Wanted, she needed to offer up a different “way” of doing just that.

In thirty short minutes, this amazing client and I dove right in to the heart of things and uncovered not only her WANTS but her NEEDS for her new entrepreneurial journey, and we shed light on HOW she would create this new company, WHY she was uniquely positioned to offer this service to the world, and we left our time together KNOWING not only what SHE WANTED but what her FUTURE CLIENTS WANTED. 

It was life-changing. And I cried when I read her email that arrived just a few minutes later:

“Holy S*#& Rebecca! I can’t thank you enough for helping me! I am still in shock at how fast that all came together but I am so so excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Imagine…she now knows exactly what she wants.

She’s going to order that up from The Universe just like you or I order brown toast instead of white.

And The Universe is going to deliver.

So you see my friends, knowing what you want really is the first step. Once you know that, you can create a plan, a strategy, to bring it into form. You can place your order with The Universe, work your plan, and wallow in the glory as it all unfolds.

And if you don’t know what you really, really want, then tell me! I can help you just as I did the woman in this story because, as I say, all of my working life has been about helping people achieve what they want.

And sometimes, what we really, really want, is to simply discover what it is that we really, really want!

And if that’s the case, then I’m your gal.

Now, do you want brown toast or white?

Big love,





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