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Tell Me Another Story!

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I send my kids to the London Waldorf School. It’s a private, not-for-profit organization in which the educational curriculum is designed around the philosophy and teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

Much of the curriculum that my children are exposed to is taught through story-telling.

Yep. I spend thousands of dollars each year to send my kids to school to hear stories.

Now why the heck would I do that?!?!

Because I know that story-telling WORKS!

You don’t have to look very far down through the ages to see that the way that everything was ever taught, from how to knit a scarf to how to skin a moose, was taught by way of stories.

And our ancestors didn’t just teach skills through stories! No! They taught morals. And shared values. And delivered lessons in survival, bravery, and magic.

Stories are the fabric of our civilization, and the messages are as true today as they ever were (except that, perhaps, the need to skin a moose is not quite as prevalent today as it was some years ago…)

I also happen to believe that what works for civilization – for the WORLD – can be taken down to a smaller scale and applied to BUSINESS. Thus it follows that if stories are the fabric of our very civilization, they are also part of the fabric of your business.

And today I am going to share with you an opportunity to learn more about one of your business’ greatest story tellers: your money.

Your money tells the story of your business pretty darn succinctly.

Your financial story speaks to where you are losing, and where you are gaining…where you were and where you are headed.

When you listen to your money tell you its story, you will see:

If you are over-spending (and if so, where, AND how to trim it back);
If your products and services are priced right (or are you giving away the farm for free?);
If you will reach your target monetary goal this week or this year (and if not, why not?)
If you are really even turning a profit!
Now I know that some people turn a blind-eye when it comes to their financial picture – some people won’t even have read this email once they saw it was about money!

But that’s not you! No. YOU want to learn. YOU want to prosper. YOU want to listen to your money tell you the story of what’s really going on in your business!

And I am going to give you the opportunity to learn just how to do that!

Join me as I interview the one and only Carol Frink, CEO of Real Business Solutions and creator of “Money Talks,” the only program that exists in which you will really learn how to understand what your money is telling you!

In this open and frank discussion, Carol will share:
How to take the fear out of your finances;
Why it is so important to understand your financial statements (hint: so you don’t get ripped off by someone else or even yourself!);
How to determine if you are charging appropriately or giving away the farm;
How to stop saying, “I can’t afford it,” when faced with a business opportunity (or even buying a new office chair!)

Carol’s no-nonsense approach to all-things-money will feel like the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for!

Finally, a money coach that can talk like a real person, and give you real advice! (Prior to starting her own businesses, Carol spent 13 years in corporate America as a bank executive where she first met and fell in love with small business owners. Carol spent 9 years working with the Oregon State Small Business Development Network where she helped over 1000 small business owners start, run, grow successful businesses. The woman knows what she is talking about!)

So if you’re tired of not “getting it,” of not really knowing what’s going on in your business from a financial point of view, join me LIVE on Tuesday February 17th at 1:00pm EST for this insightful and empowering conversation! See below for the call-in details (no need to register…just mark your calendars and commit to being there!)

Your money talks…are you listening??

“See” you on the call!



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