Insightful. Irreverent. Refreshingly frank.

Your audience will thank you for Rebecca Liston.


As a speaker, Rebecca poses a provocative question to her corporate and entrepreneurial audiences: what if you could know exactly what you needed to move past your biggest business challenge, in one sitting?

A six-time nominee for RBC’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Rebecca is an expert on business strategy and business intuition. In her popular talks, Rebecca combines practical strategy with surprising true stories about how executives and entrepreneurs successfully predict, pivot and compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

A successful entrepreneur for more than a decade, Rebecca mixes practical business strategy with uncommon insight. She invites audiences to put their values of freedom and radical self-trust front and centre, giving them access to the tool to make decisions from that place, every time.

Rebecca is available for onsite or offsite company workshops for departments, organizations, and leadership teams; lunch and learns, long-term leadership coaching groups, and leadership and entrepreneurial conferences. Topics can be adapted to fit your program, and customized for the specific needs or issues of your organization.

The Art of Clarity: How To Use Fast, Focused Wisdom To Predict, Pivot and Compete in an Increasingly Complex Marketplace”

In an age of copious data, reports and metrics, it’s little wonder so many decision makers feel flush with information, but lacking in clarity about what to do about it.

But what if there were a fast, reliable way to quickly uncover the root of your biggest business challenges and accurately know what actions to take next?

What you’ll learn in this presentation:

  • The biggest mistake executives and entrepreneurs face when it comes to making fast, accurate decisions when there’s so much at stake
  • How to use quick, actionable insight to pinpoint your next steps on staffing issues, stalled product launches, or unexpected strategic misfires
  • Why high-performing leaders and CEO-minded entrepreneurs combine business strategy and intuition as a way of making the right decision
  • How marketing executives and entrepreneurs have used a simple insight that aligns their company’s marketing with the language and desires of its most likely buyers to win the competitive edge in the marketplace
  • How to anticipate events and market conditions that your competitors and colleagues aren’t aware of — and ensure your business is flexible and adaptive, no matter what the future brings


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