My Pledge To You for 2020

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

At the end of every year, I like to peer ahead in time and feel into what is to come. And it is with great delight and a certain sense of reverence that I will share with you the Theme of 2020.

This year, dear Ones, is the Year of Remembering. And I’ve decided to kick it off with a Pledge from Me to You:

I will remember You.

I will remember you not as a black woman, or a fat man, or a non-binary, gender-nonconforming person.

Not as that woman I met in 2013 at that conference in So-Cal who annoyed me with her constant questions.

Not as that man who laughed at my memes on social media, struck up a business relationship with me, and then sent me pictures of his penis.

I shan’t remember you as rich or poor. As a driver-of-Jeeps. Or as an eater-of-mashed-potatoes.

I shan’t even remember you as a person who could or could not accurately spell “potatoes.”

I shan’t remember you as the guy from Missouri or the gal from Florida, as the mother of all those kids, or as the father of one.

And I shan’t remember you as the sales coach, the interior designer, or the copy writer either.

No. I shan’t remember you as any of those things.

But I will remember You. I pledge to you that I will.

I will remember you as the Light that you are. As the glorious, fan-fucking-tastic Being that is wrapped up in muscles and skin and immersed in the details of what we call A Life here on Earth.

I will remember you as a Feeling. And that Feeling will always be the Feeling of Love. And I will hold you in my memory with tenderness and compassion.

I will remember you and I will Honour you. I will Honour your Brightness of Being, the Frequency at which you Resonate, and the Song that I hear pouring forth from your Heart.

And I will remember that we are all Here, Together, in THIS Moment, in this year of 2020 to do but one thing:

To Remember.

To Remember Who We Are.

To Remember What We Came Here To Be…and To Do.

But mostly to Remember One Another, as I pledge to Remember You.

Wishing you and your families so much love this holiday season, and always,

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