a successful entrepreneur since 2002 who…

Is driven by freedom and spaciousness;
Believes decadence is a requirement, not a luxury;
Loves really good dark chocolate;
And is a killer business strategist

(who also knows whatever you want is possible,
when your actions align with your desires!)

Rebecca Liston helps her clients predict, pivot, and compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Her clients quickly uncover the root of their challenges and know the actions to take to overcome them — actions that feel right for them, their team, and their customers! A six-time nominee for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award, Rebecca combines business strategy with intuition, giving her clients the edge on forward-thinking, elegant answers to their most complicated problems. Her clients include entrepreneurs with CEO-mindsets, and executives with entrepreneurial instincts. She is based in London, Ontario. What if you could get the answer to your biggest business challenge, in one sitting?

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Interview with Rebecca Liston


Q: Who hires you and what sorts of challenges are they facing?

I work with a range of decision makers, from entrepreneurs with virtual teams to senior directors in multinational corporations.

Regardless of size, their business has a lot of moving parts — which my clients excel in managing. There’s something that’s not falling into place — a staffing problem, a launch, a major strategic initiative…sometimes it’s just a little inkling that they have that something isn’t quite right. My clients are successful multi-taskers, highly capable and used to things going pretty much according to plan. They’ve thrown everything they know at this problem and the usual methods aren’t working, which is why they end up working with me.


Q: Why now?

Now more than ever, the pace of business is speeding up, ironically at the same time as many of us would like to create a more steady rhythm in our lives. Old ways of doing things are fast becoming outdated. We can’t keep doing things the way they’ve “always been done.” It’s time to evolve past the place of “thinking” or “pushing” our way forward.

Reports and data have their place. But relying entirely on the past results is like driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror. And no, I don’t advocate we stop thinking, either, but sometimes “thinking” isn’t enough.

We’ve all heard about how innovations come from new ways of looking at problems.

Successful people tell me all the time that they got where they are now because they’ve “trusted their gut.”

Even the most hard-nosed business people tell me that it’s never just logic, data, and analysis. There’s a felt sense, an insight, a moment when they see the problem in a new way.

But more times than not, it’s an unpredictable process. The right idea hits you when you least expect it, when you’re in the shower or out for a run.

And typically, you have to wait for it.

With the tool of business intuition, you no longer have to wait. You just have to ask.


Q: What is business intuition?

Business intuition is a tool for looking deeply at a business and all its players — the owner, the team, and even the customers. It gives us a way of knowing and understanding what’s really going on when all we may be able to see (or hear) is that failed product launch, or that awkward sales conversation, or the rumblings around the water cooler. Knowing what’s really happening beneath the surface of a problem is the key to fixing it! It also allows us the opportunity to look ahead — not backward (that unfortunate habit of “business as usual”) — such that we can get out ahead of what’s coming down the pike.

With business intuition, we can go beyond what intellect and data alone will allow us to see and know. It’s a distinct advantage for those of us who want to solve problems efficiently and get on with creating change in the world.If you’re curious what we actually do in a session, you can read case studies from my clients here.


Q: How did you learn to do this?

I’ve always had a passion for business. But as I’ve grown as a business owner, I noticed that the way people “do” business really makes a difference in the outcomes they get. And how much they enjoy the ride. (Hint: it doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to push to get ahead.)

Too many people make decisions from a reactive, worried, pinched place. Or by relying on what worked before. But there is another way.

It’s easier to explain if I tell you a story. Years ago, I was getting my life back together after a rough patch. My confidence was shaken, but I was on the mend.

I’d noticed this beautiful condo nearby. With big trees. Ponds. Deer running through the yard. It was just stunning.

After months of dreaming about the place, I went to the open house. Eighteen foot ceilings. A huge bank of French windows, with a gorgeous view of the woods. It took my breath away.

I had the distinct sense of space. Room to breathe. Possibility. Openness. I thought: this is how I want my life to feel, all the time. I wanted that feeling to be my standard. I wanted every decision I make to feel that open. That alive with possibility. That spacious.

I would have bottled that feeling, if I could. But I did the next best thing — I bought the place.

And I made that feeling my standard, in business and in life.

That’s now what I do with my clients — put their values of freedom and radical self-trust front and center. And give them access to the tool to make decisions from that place, every time. Combine that with strategy and business sense, and the sky’s the limit.

The other thing you should know is that I’ve used intuition to make great decisions in my own business for years. But I wanted to be sure that I could stand by the answers I was getting for my clients. So I completed formal training in intuition work, with nationally recognized intuitive expert Lori Wilson.


Q: What did you do before this work?

For over 13 years I practiced medicine as a homeopath. My first business was the creation of a successful healthcare clinic, the Sinai Centre for Natural Medicine and Professional Development. Soon I found that my passion for the business of health care — and the relationships I had with my clients — was what truly filled me up, so I began my career as a business coach, working first with growing health and wellness businesses. As word spread about my work, the types of businesses that I support began to expand, and now I serve clients in all facets of business and I could not be happier!

There are two ways we can work together: short term intensives or over the long haul. To determine how much support you need to see the results you’re looking for, I invite you to schedule an introductory consult.

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