Why Marketing Makes Me Weep

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

I am self-professed marketing “nerd.” I am obsessed with marketing and always have been.

When other kids cut out pictures from magazines of hot young movie stars, I was papering my bedroom walls with advertisements. And even now, I never rip out recipes from magazines like others do…nope…I still rip ads!

And ask my dear friend Stella Orange (copy-writer extraordinaire) and she’ll happily tell you that when I read good copy — really, really good copy — it makes me weep. My clients know I use this like a litmus test for good marketing: if it brings tears to my eyes, we are good to go! 

You can’t be in business for even 30 minutes before somebody, somewhere, is going to start talking to you about marketing your services and products. This is just the beginning of a career-long discussion that will occupy your thoughts, steer your actions, and inevitably provide one of the key cornerstones for the foundation of your business.

So why does something so practical, so strategic, make me weep?

Because marketing, to me, is really about one thing and one thing only: It’s about the love of the work.

I don’t know about you, but I hate the hustle, the “push,” the pressure of getting customers. I mean I really, really hate it.

And when I track into that feeling, and then search for the obvious solution to it, it is quite simple: great marketing reduces the amount of hustle. It minimizes the “push,” and eases the pressure.

Great marketing drives sales. It smooths the way for clients and customers to say YES to working with you, which means YOU get to do more of the work that you love.

Now just pause with me there for a moment and feel into that thought…the idea that you could be doing more of the work that you love.

Do you feel that? That warm glow that washes over you? Can you sense a smile coming to your lips? Do your eyes feel a bit twinkly?

Perhaps, like me, your eyes fill with tears…

And now you know why great marketing moves me so deeply.

It’s because I know that with great marketing, you’re going to get to do more of the work that you love.

You’re going to feel that warm glow every single day! You’re going to be smiling All. The. Time.

And I want that for you. I want that to be your experience of life, of business, because that feeling is just so darn good!

So good, in fact, it makes me weep.

And now you know why I do what I do, why I dedicate so much of my work to helping my clients create great marketing: because THAT is the work that I love to do and because I know the ripple effect of that is that they get to do more of the work that THEY love to do!

If that isn’t a win-win, then I don’t know what is!

So if you, like me, just want to do more of the work that you love, then let’s make sure that the marketing you’ve created is working for you, that is is conveying your message to the clients you want to attract, that it is smoothing the way for them to say YES! 

And I would love to hear from you about why you do what YOU do…what is it that you love about your work? Shoot me an email, or comment on social media. Let’s share our #LoveOfTheWork.

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