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Would you just get the %^&# out of my way!

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Greetings to you from the “other side” of the time change! I am one perky little gal this morning since the sun was up just as early as I was today. Yup, all the energy I usually have just doubled.

Welcome to the first “official” addition of my new musings – “Chronicles of a CEO.”

Whoosh…did you feel that??? I sure did. It was the “whoosh” of energy that has accompanied every single thing I have done since September of this year that moves me closer to my dreams coming true. Let me explain…

Several days ago I wrote to you all to talk about obstacles, or, as I like to call them, “things that impact our movement.”

(“Obstacles” sounds a bit negative, and frankly, it’s important to be aware of everything that is impacting our movement, whether “positive” or “negative!” To be truthful, I have had many grumpy moments where I am not so charitable and then I refer to them as “things that just need to get the $%^& out of my way!”)

On that note, I told you about the virtual event that I did during which the entire system crashed and left me visually disconnected from my callers. And then I explained in a short video exactly what the heck had happened there – I tapped into the energy of my business to track the events that unfolded to find out what was really going on. (Check in out here in case you missed it…it’s worth watching: __________)

What I discovered as a result of doing my own work on my with my own business in this way was that there were several things impacting my movement towards my goals and all were working at once. Some I knew about, and some I didn’t. At least, I didn’t at the time. And now I do.

Now I want to tell you about another “thing” that I discovered earlier this year that was impacting my progress towards my goals: I was resisting becoming the CEO of my company. I wasn’t consciously aware of this and yet it was having a tremendous impact on my business (and my life.)

This resistance was impacting me in several ways:

I was reluctant to “own” my skills (lack of confidence does not lead to sales!);
I was hanging on to an old paradigm of how to make decisions (too much emotion, not enough clarity and facts);
I was unable to feel comfortable at the table with folks who played a much bigger game than I did (and that means I can’t do business with them!);
I was limiting my income potential (that’s an entire article in and of itself…); and
I was limiting my own personal growth potential by allowing myself to continue to “play small.”
But remember – I wasn’t even CONSCIOUS of the role that this was playing in my business. It’s not that I just “didn’t change it” or “couldn’t change it” or that I should have “created a new affirmation” to switch my mindset! I didn’t even KNOW that it was having such a dramatic impact!

And then, one day, sitting down to do my own work with my own business, I asked to be shown the number one “thing” that was impacting my growth the most at that time. And out it tumbled. This truth…this belief…this mindset that I held deep inside of me that was causing me more distress than I could have known.

But not now.

No, not now.

Because NOW I know about it. And NOW I can change it. And NOW I can claim my identity because I have done the work required to shift it.

(And that’s just one of the incredible stories I can tell about uncovering those “things” that impact our growth…you should hear some of the amazing tales from my clients on this issue!!!!)

So here’s what you need to know: there are “things” that are impacting YOUR growth…some you know about, and some you don’t. Some are mindset issues, some are physical facts, some belong to other people, some are universal, some are planetary, some belong to your dog, some are related to you own energy, some come directly from your physical body…there’s so much going on, so much “at play” that is impacting everything from the clients you are attracting to the sales conversations you are having to the way you feel when your feet hit the floor each day, that to “not know” what they are is the TRUE obstacle, if ever there were one.

It’s so critical to me to share this with you that I have arranged a time for us to gather virtually in the coming weeks to check in with YOUR business to determine the number one “thing” that is impacting you and your business growth RIGHT NOW and into 2015. Watch for your invitation to join us, okay?

And in the meantime, do an “Impact Audit.” Take a few minutes and ask yourself, “What’s standing in the way of me achieving my goals?” Be honest. Dig deep. And write them down. Then commit to joining me on my next virtual chat to explore what your business can add to that list so that you can change things, shift things, and move forward knowing that you are doing all that you can to succeed your way.

Buckets of love,



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