How to Harness the Power of 2016

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

I am 100% certain that there is something unusual about this year and it’s only just begun.

There’s a kind of “buzz” in the air…almost like an electricity, an energy, that is different than any I have ever felt at the start of any other new year.

And this buzz, this energy, is compelling…and moving…and people all around me are a-glow with…what? Just what are they a-glow with??


That’s the word. People are a-glow with possibilities.

There’s a light in the eyes of the woman behind the counter at the cafe in my building…a certain knowingness in the glimmer of that look I just received from the man in the restaurant (be still my heart! LOL)…a lightness in the step of the woman taking her child into the daycare across the way…a confidence in the toss of the head as that lawyer laughed at the joke his client told him…

Yep. It is everywhere. I can see it. Smell it. Taste it. Feel it.

It’s hope…but it isn’t “blind hope.”

It’s dreams…but not dreams without plans.

It’s possibilities…coupled with the confidence and the knowing that make possibilities become probabilities…and the actions that make probabilities become reality.

And it’s everywhere.

So Dear Reader, this is your moment, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The stars are aligned. The moon is shining just for you. The sun is beaming down and everything and everyone one is screaming: “YES! NOW!”

It’s time to harness this amazing energy that is 2016:

1. Make a list (and check it twice). Write down each and every one of those possibilities that you see in front of you right now. The big ones. The little ones. Each of them! Do you see the opportunity to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of? Is there a chance that this could be the year to bust through that revenue target? Maybe this is your year to meet that partner you’ve been secretly hoping to find (one day…when the time was right.) Write them down. All of them! And just when you think you have them all, write down a few more. What the hell? It is 2016 after all…what’ve you got to lose?

2. Prioritize them. Not because you have to choose one over the other, but because it helps to energetically align your desires when you get really clear as to which are the most important. They are ALL important — that’s true — but in prioritizing them, it’s like lining them up and saying which you want as your appetizer, which is the main course, and which is dessert. It creates flow. Rhythm. Because despite the fact that we sometimes like to think that the Universe is random, it is anything but. So line up those possibilities in order one by one!

3. Add a dash of knowingness and confidence. Okay, yes, I just let that roll off my tongue as if it were the easiest thing in the world to be confident that this list you have created will indeed manifest. But you know what? It kind of is easy…or at least it CAN be, if you let it. Go at this with a sense of playfulness and fun. Let that inner child delight in the feeling that these possibilities will indeed come true. Dance with this energy that is 2016. Feel the rhythm. Trust in your self. And just allow yourself to know that this is your year. And if all else fails? Do what my teacher once told me: fake it ’till you make it. PRETEND to feel the confidence. Pretend to “know” that all these things WILL happen. Just pretend…that’s all. Simple, right? I knew you could do it! You just turned your List of Possibilities into a List of Probabilities which means you are that much closer to seeing this all happen right before your eyes!

4. Start taking action. The key to taking your new List of Probabilities and bringing them into reality is action. You must take consistent action — baby steps are fine, giant leaps are not required here — towards your goals. So if one of my List of Probabilities was to save $5000 in my savings account by the end of this year, I need to start by putting even one dollar at a time in a jar. I need to create movement and action to support what it is that I say that I want to see happen. If I am thinking that it would be amazing to take my kids to Florida, then I need to make time to do some research. I need to sign up for Disney’s email list, talk to people who have been there, print off descriptions of the meal plans so that I can read them carefully and make smart choices for my family. I need to be in action towards booking that trip if I intend to make that Probability my Reality.

5. Take note of the coincidences. Okay, so the truth is, I prefer the word “serendipities” or even “synchronicities” but the word “coincidence” is one you can even share with your co-workers without them thinking you’ve gone off your rocker. Start noticing how, if one of your Probabilities is to take that trip to Disney, you are standing in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of you is engaged in a chat with the clerk about her recent trip to that exact place! How if your Probability is to save that $5000 this year, you get a random cheque in the mail for $87.00 from a bank account you had thought you’d closed 7 years ago but apparently not…apparently it’s now dormant and the bank is sending you out the money you’d left in it (this actually happened to someone I know!) Take note of these “odd” coincidences. Because the more you notice them, the more they will happen, and the further they will propel you to bringing your Probabilities into Reality. It’s kind of magical that way!

6. Give thanks. It’s well-known that giving thanks for the amazing stuff that happens in our lives is pretty powerful. But something we often forget to do is to give thanks BEFORE it actually transpires. So when you look at your List of Probabilities (and I do suggest you review it daily!) give thanks for the fact that they’ve already become your reality…it’s just that in the strange time-continuum in which we live, these things aren’t part of your ‘present moment.” But they do exist. They are “there.” So thank yourself for manifesting them. Thank those (seen and unseen) who’ve conspired in your favour. Thank the trees, the rocks, whoever you feel compelled to thank. Just say thanks and feel that settle into your bones as you do.

7. Rinse and Repeat. Review your List of Possibilities. Ensure that you’ve prioritized them well (change them around if you like — dessert can be eaten first, after all!) Add in that confident knowing (fake it if you have to) and transform them into Probabilities. Take consistent action. Notice the coincidences. Give thanks. And repeat. You got this!

Truly, my friends, I’ve never felt anything quite like the energy that is this new year. I invite you to join me in making it the best one yet!Care to share your List of Probabilities with me? I would love to see it, to print it off and hang it on my wall above my desk — to add my own energy and knowing to yours to assist in the making of your Reality. So shoot it off to me because this is Your Year…and the time is now…and it’s pretty darn exciting indeed!

Big love,


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