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I’m a huge believer in the concept that there are no coincidences.

I believe that there are days when things just fall at our feet just as we need them, sometimes before we’ve even consciously realized we needed them.

And I believe that the more aware we become of these delightful serendipities, the more of them we notice.

It was from this open place that I received the most profound message on just the right day at just the right time; eleven little words that changed everything. It was a Note from The Universe (if you’ve not heard of this or of Mike Dooley you really should check him out: And this is what it said:

“Thinking BIG but acting small is the same as thinking small.”

I had just come through what can only be referred to as a “shit-storm” (sorry for the profanity but sometimes a gal has to call a spade a spade.) And every single aspect of my company was up for re-evaluation. Yes, everything right down to the person who cleaned the office.

And now was the moment that I had been waiting for: the moment when I could begin the “Rebuild.”

And just at that moment, these eleven words fall into my lap.

And I see clearly, for the first time in 3 months, that what I had just gone through, this total and complete re-evaluation of every single aspect of the company, had allowed me to let go of the ways that I was “acting small” so that I could start acting in accordance with what was my New Way of Thinking, which was an even Bigger Way of Thinking than I had been doing these last 41 years of my life. So Big, in fact, that it still sort of scares me (but more on that another day.)

You see, opportunity in business often presents as a shit-storm.

Sometimes it takes an awful lot of reflection and pondering (amidst the kicking and screaming) to see it as an opportunity, but believe me, it is.

And more often than not, what this opportunity is affording you is the chance to make new choices…new decisions. And to ensure that every single one of them is in alignment with your Bigger Way of Thinking.

So here’s my suggestion for you today. It’s time to do an Action Audit.

Where, in your life and in your business, are you Thinking Big but Acting Small?

Is it your choice of cleaning staff (you really need someone to tidy each day because you’ve dozens of customers through the door but you tell yourself that you can’t afford it)?

Is it your choice of networking groups to which you belong (you tell yourself that you really like the people so that’s why you go…but really, none of them can afford your services and none of them Think Big like you do so it’s not really a good use of your time)?

Or is it the way you “do” business?

Are you telling yourself that you want to work with large corporations that change the world but you’re piddling about on Facebook doing social media directed at new business owners?

Or maybe you’re agonizing over what to do with that “extra space” in your office when you’re quite certain that a “bigger business” would turn it into a staff room…you’re just not sure if that’s YOU yet…

It’s not always the easiest thing to evaluate our actions in this way. It can be a bit startling, sometimes a bit embarrassing, sometimes a bit mind-boggling. But I guarantee you it is worth it.

Dream Big. Think Big. Act Big. I cannot wait to hear all about it!

Rebecca Liston | Business Intuitive




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Rebecca Liston | Business Intuitive


Rebecca Liston helps her clients predict, pivot, and compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Her clients quickly uncover the root of their challenges and know the actions to take to overcome them. A six-time nominee for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award, Rebecca combines business strategy with intuition, giving her clients the edge on forward-thinking, elegant answers to their most complicated problems. Her clients are entrepreneurs with CEO-mindsets and executives with entrepreneurial instincts. She is based in London, Ontario. What if you could get the answer to your biggest business challenge, in one sitting? Visit to find out more.