Decadence and Its Place in Business Today

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Some years back when asked what one word described the way I wanted my life and business to feel, I replied: Decadent.

Now that word means many things to different people…sometimes there’s a bit of hedonistic overtones to it that make the concept of decadence feel just a little “too” rich, “too” sweet, “too” over-the-top in the goodness department.

But I would ask that you consider releasing any potentially negative connotations of the word and embrace instead the concept that to live a life of decadence is ultimately to live a life of freedom — for what is decadence if not the ability to surround yourself with the people, the food, the drink, the experiences, that light you up, that fill your cup, and make you smile at the sheer glory of being alive in the midst of it all?

Decadence, to me, is not optional.

Take a look at the photo that I chose to accompany this article as a representation of the concept of decadence. (Yes, clearly it is Halloween as I am writing this so my mind went automatically to  a seasonal image to support my thoughts!)

Look at that basket full of apples. Perfect apples. Right from the tree. Ripe. Ready. And delicious. That’s how I represent Opportunity in business. When you see opportunity overflowing your basket, you will feel secure, and solid, and safe, and abundant. And from that place, anything is possible! New clients, new revenue streams, new ideas and inspiration are at your fingertips in every moment and this belief will fuel your growth indefinitely.

See all those candies littering the table? Those represent the fruits of my labours. Sweet delight at a job well done, results achieved, goals accomplished. When you have a visual representation such as that, how can you help but feel giddy excitement at what you’ve done? And that excitement, that feeling of joy, is contagious and spreads like wildfire. Your clients and customers will feel it, will be attracted to it, and it will bring even more business your way.

Now turn your eye to the pumpkins, gourds, and leaves in this image. When I see an array of natural beauty, it makes me sigh with pleasure. Being surrounded by natural elements is perhaps the most decadent feeling of all for me. The more I can be in nature, the more grounded and confident I feel, the more prepared I am to face the elements of business, and the more aware I am of the impact of everything I do, for as in nature, in business nothing happens in isolation. Choices I make today have consequences on my future. Decisions I implement will impact growth and evolution in the business.  And so I must choose wisely and be considerate of the impact of each choice on my surroundings.

Finally, take a good look at those candy apples, front and centre in this image. Now those candy apples represent the one element of my business that brings me the most joy of all: my clients. In keeping my mind focused on my clients, focused on their progress, focused on their results, I can help them to achieve even greater heights.When I remind myself that everything I do is driven by the desire to support their success, I feel like my entire being is overflowing with possibility and potential. And what could be more decadent than that?

And so you can see now just why I feel that Decadence has such an important role to play in business and in life. For me, it is that feeling of overflowing joy and abundance that fuels my every move, impacts each of my decisions, and inspires my work each and every day. I invite you to consider adding a dash of decadence into your life and watch to see how it ripples out to impact your life and the lives of those around you. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Big love,





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