She was unclear about the direction of her company – now what?

The Challenge
After 12 years, Leadership & Team Development Expert Julie Chance had questions about the future of her company. While her business was successful, she sensed that the time may be right for a shift in the market she served. But she wasn’t clear about which steps to take, so she felt stalled and unable to move forward.

The Insight
Julie came to her work with Rebecca with an idea. She had already been thinking of shifting the focus of her work to target larger companies. “It wasn’t so much insight as it was confirmation,” Julie says.

During Julie’s business intuition session, there was a focus group meeting of her ideal clients. They weren’t major corporations, as she expected, but smaller corporations with 5-25 employees. In her session, these future clients told her what they were looking for, where they were getting stuck, and the words she needed to use to connect with them.

The Result
After her session, Julie got the clarity she needed to change the course of her business. She came in thinking Fortune 500 companies were her ideal client, but left with the insight that she was really targeting mid-size small businesses. With this information, she was able to create a viable offer.

A Business Owner up levels her clientele – and team

The Challenge
For the past 15 years, India Alessandra ran a successful web design and development company. But in her words, “I was so stuck between the level of client I had… and the level of client I wanted.” Although some of the clients who came to her didn’t have the money for her full rates, she kept saying yes to taking them on as clients. It was exhausting.

India was also wondering about a big decision – whether to invite a partner to become a co-founder.

“My head was spinning and I was struggling. Who did I really want to serve, and what did I need to do to reach them? Was it the right move to invite a co-founder in?”

The Insight
In her work with Rebecca, India made discoveries that reset the course of her business. She realized that she wanted fewer clients; ones who were interested in bigger projects and longer, ongoing relationships, instead of masses of clients who were only interested in “quick fixes.”

She also came to understand that yes, it was time to invite the co-founder into the business.

The Results
As she realized that she wanted to work with a more mature client, India quickly came to see that she had outgrown her existing brand. She rebranded two months later.

(Says India, “I had just rebranded the year before – so if you told me I needed to do it again, I would have refused! But working with Rebecca helped me see that if I want my clients to be more mature and willing to invest in themselves, I needed a brand that spoke to that.”)

In her sessions with Rebecca, India also got a process to prequalify clients and upgrade the support for existing clients so they stayed longer. “When Rebecca put it on paper, I said, ‘oh, that’s doable – I can’t believe how simple that is.” She added those systems and beefed up the tech support in her business.

“I was a little skeptical at first – I’d never done work like this before. But the fact is, I entered not knowing, and I left knowing. The next steps I got from working with Rebecca totally made sense – I just knew it was the direction I needed to go. She helped me know exactly that I needed to do. That clarity is huge.”

An Executive Coach reconnects with the message her audience craves

The Challenge
A successful Executive Coach, Mary was feeling – in her own words – “completely disconnected from my target market.” She wasn’t making as much money as she wanted, and she was confused about what to do next.

She’d already invested tens of thousands of dollars on branding, copywriting, and messaging professionals – and they were waiting on her to tell them what she wanted to communicate.

The Insight
In an hour business intuition session with Rebecca, Mary was reconnected with the people she wanted to serve, for the first time in a year. “Finally, someone understood who I wanted to speak to and why I wanted to speak to them – it all clicked.”

The Result
Armed with much-awaited clarity about how her ideal clients were feeling and the problems they wanted solved, Mary went back to her branding and copywriting team and could quickly convey the message she wanted.

She had the best quarter ever, in four years of business – and had more clients come to work with her than ever before.

She designed a business that works for her life

The Challenge
Lisa Dennys loved her work as a coach and intuitive, but she also had some long-term health challenges that limit her time and energy. In the past, she had even considered quitting her work completely. She just didn’t think she could run a profitable business and do what she loved, given the reality of her health.

“Some weeks, I can only work 5 hours, from client appointments to admin work. Is that even possible?”

The Insight
In their sessions, Rebecca helped Lisa structure her business in a way that fit with the time and energy she had, and the flexibility she needed. Lisa came in with a desire to offer a handful of intensive sessions with clients every year, but wasn’t convinced it could work. Rebecca insisted it could be done. And so together, they designed a business around what Lisa loved to do. Once Lisa saw that it was indeed possible, she and Rebecca set to paring down marketing ideas, putting projects to timetables, and scheduling logistics.

The Result
“Now, my business is structured in a way that works for me and my health,” says Lisa. She gets to do work that is meaningful, and she has programs and hours that fit her life.

An entrepreneur works on her business – and realizes she needs to change some things in her life, too

The Challenge

As a Homeopath, Natasha Narayan had plenty of business experience. But when she decided to start her own business, she knew she wanted support. Specifically, business management and accountability would be key to her success.

“I hired Rebecca because she’d done it. She’d developed a program that I liked … I wanted to create something similar. And she’s very credible – she’s been a nominee for the Royal Bank of Canada entrepreneur of the year 6 times.”

The Insight
Over the six months they worked together, Natasha learned about budgeting, business accounting, and time management. She also got more clarity about her vision for her business – and her life.

The Result
Natasha realized that she had been tolerating situations in her life that were draining her ability to be successful and effective in her business. She ended a relationship. She bought a condo. And she set about creating the life she actually wanted, instead of accepting what happened to show up.

There were other realizations that took longer for Natasha to accept and implement. “Rebecca called it,” says Natasha. “It just took me awhile to implement.” For example, she used to split her time seeing patients at two different clinics. After her work with Rebecca, she realized she needed to run her own office, which she does. “I still work in a location with other practitioners, which is important to me. But I also run my own show. It’s the best of both worlds now.”

She had so many great ideas – which one comes first?

The Challenge
As a Business Skills Coach, Carol Frink was already successful. But like many business owners, she had a lot of ideas for future programs and offers, but she wasn’t sure what to do first.

“I had what I wanted to do in my head… I just couldn’t put it in the right order”

The Insight
Carol was surprised that the ideas that were in her head showed up on the pages of her business intuition sessions. “It was like everything that was in my head, Rebecca brought up – and we’d never talked about it before!” Carol got clear about which new program to offer next, and what exact steps to take to make sure it rolled out successfully.

The Result
With the clarity she got from her ongoing sessions, Carol took the guesswork out of running her business. In her words, “business intuition has helped me relax into my business. I’ve found my rhythm – and I coach business owners, so I know not everyone does.”

When a new question comes up – like whether to accept an invitation to teach — she brings it to her session. “I get paid really well, and I don’t have to work as hard. I have peace of mind. Business intuition spells it all out for me, so I can see what’s going on, and get ready for what’s coming.”

“I finally have the answers that are right for me”

I’d opened my business 4 years ago. Although I’d spent thousands of dollars on coaching, my business had not grown. Through my work with Rebecca, I have found a different way to get answers. I got insight that I needed to stop an expensive SEO campaign, so I did. I got insight that I need to look into my relationship with failure, so I am. All this time, many coaches have been telling me that I need to be more aggressive. But now, I have the peace of mind that comes from getting the answers that are right for me.

Dr. Miluna Fausch
Founder, The Voice Healer Studio
Newport Beach, California

“A boost of understanding about your business”

Rebecca put me in touch with the energy of people who are looking for me. They spoke. They said exactly what they wanted. So then I did deeper searching, and realized there is a market there. Now I know there are real clients out there, looking for me. Working with Rebecca is a boost of understanding about your business. Of what you have to offer. Of what the benefits are. Of who’s looking for it. I don’t know where else you could get that. Thanks to my work with her, I’m putting together a program that I was having a heck of a time creating on my own. And I got clear that I just need to focus on a few first steps.

Meryl Brusser
Storytelling Expert
New Jersey

“I entered not knowing, and left knowing”

I’d run a successful web design and development company for 15 years when I came to work with Rebecca. I was exhausted. I was so stuck between the level of client I had… and the level of client I wanted. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole thing. But I walked in with my head spinning, and I left clear. As a result of my sessions with Rebecca, I rebranded to attract a more mature client. She helped me create a simple process to pre-qualify clients, and roll out support for long term clients, so they stay with us longer. What I got from our work was a “massive yes” – in terms of the direction I needed to go. Go in with a complete open mind to trust, because yes, this does work. But get ready for the truth.

India Alessandra
Graphic & Web Designer and Developer
Stratford, Ontario

“Now my business is structured in a way that works for me and my health”

I loved my work, but I also had some long-term health challenges that limit my time and energy. I’d even considered quitting my work completely. I just didn’t think I could run a profitable business and do what I loved. Some weeks, I can only work 5 hours, from client appointments to admin work. In our sessions, Rebecca helped me structure my business in a way that fit me. She wasn’t limited by some preconceived box of how it “should” look. I don’t say that lightly – I think that’s a unique thing about Rebecca. So now, I get to do what I love and do it in a way that works for my situation. Save yourself time, money and heartache and work with Rebecca. You are going to get what you need.

Lisa Dennys
Coach and Intuitive
Sarnia, Ontario

“I started making big life decisions”

I came to work with Rebecca because I had plenty of business experience, but I wanted support as I started my own company. Working with Rebecca, I got the bolts business training I needed – everything from budgeting to accounting to time management to my vision. But I also got that I had been putting up with situations in my life that were draining my ability to be successful and effective. It took me awhile to implement, but Rebecca totally called it. The insight and learning that I got from my sessions with Rebecca really changed how I live my life.

Natasha Narayan
Toronto, Ontario

“I finally saw how different parts of my business fit together”

I came to work with Rebecca because I wanted guidance about my marketing and what my next steps were. I also wanted to expand my vision for my business – I just had the sense that there were things I wasn’t seeing. Rebecca helped me think differently about 3 different ways I work with clients. I was treating (and marketing) them separately, but she showed me they didn’t need to be. There were certain common threads running through the different aspects of the business. Working with Rebecca helped me attract more clients, make confident decisions about investing in my business, and get clear about how the business is structured. Now, I’m more at peace in the day-to-day operations.

Diane Giles
Holistic Business Owner
London, Ontario

“Rebecca stands out as a stellar practitioner of business intuition”

I have been teaching specialized intuition-based classes for over 20 years. Rebecca stands out as a stellar practitioner of business intuition. She brings her genuine mix of calm, lightness and laser sharp clarity to her tracking skills ~ sure to delight any business owner seeking to move forward exponentially. I highly recommend you use her services to gain precise and valuable insight into your business today.

Lori Wilson
Founder of Inner Access 101 and Business Intuition for Professionals

Guelph, Ontario