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Boy Were They Wrong!

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Someone, somewhere, once told me that it was “impossible” to sign up new clients or enrol new students or otherwise “sell” anything that wasn’t consumer goods during the month of December.

Boy, were they wrong.

December 2014 proved to be the highest-grossing month of 2014 for us and I only worked fourteen 6-hour days!

No, it wasn’t a Christmas Miracle…although it may have felt that way to my mom (to whom I gifted her first iPad LOL…those things really do seem miraculous the first time you use one!).

No…the results we experienced here at our “head office” were a result of a combination of several things:

My intention to create abundant freedom from a place of calm and contentment;
My dedication to my clients and the results they experience from our work together;
My determination to work efficiently and effectively at all times;
My willingness – eagerness, in fact – to invest in a top-notch support team; and last, but not least,
My understanding of money – its energy, its flow, and how it communicates to me constantly about the health of my business.
You see, financial and business success doesn’t “just” come from hard work. There’s so much more to it than that! So much that I never knew 13 years ago when I began what would become only the first of my business ventures…

This is a Big Year for me…perhaps one of the biggest since I began my life as an entrepreneur all those thirteen years ago. And yet, one thing remains the same: my intention.

As I stated above, it is my intention to create abundant freedom from a place of calm and contentment. What does that mean, exactly?

Well, in brass-tacks-terms, it means I intend to make good money, and to feel every single day like I am sitting in a wide-open space, sucking the marrow out of life, and creating my reality from a state of ease…happiness…and decadence.

This feeling – this intention of mine – has become the “litmus test” against which all things – ALL things – are measured.

The decision to create a new website (which, by the way, is looking pretty damn fine and I cannot wait to share it with you!)…the choice to hire a new project manager…the move to invest in a consultant to catapult the newest division of the business forward …the declaration that no, I will not start taking appointments on Mondays, I don’t care who wants them…all of these are held up against the “feeling” that I intend to create.

I imagine my intention as if it were a thin, silvery, see-through veil. I then imagine laying that veil over top of each choice that I am presented with. Does my veil of intention “fit” over that decision? Do the two “go together?” Is it a harmonious match? Or does the veil of my intention become cloudy…dark…or a messy glob of goo when placed up against a choice or option?

Lewis Mehl-Madrona wrote in his book “Coyote Medicine” that disease is created when what we say we want and what we do don’t match…when dis-resonance occurs between what we say and what we do, we become sick.

I believe that the same can be said for success in business.

As long as what we say we want and what we do match, we are set up for success.

As long as we match our actions to our intentions, we are set up for success.

And as soon as there is a discrepancy, we will experience set-backs, hardships, lack of customers, financial down-turns…our business, like Lewis suggested of our bodies, will become sick.

So here’s my New Year Proposal for you: it’s time to do an Intention Audit. Just what IS your intention for your business? Ponder it. Sleep on it. Meditate on it. And WRITE IT DOWN. Put it someplace you can grab it at any given moment (mine is written on a recipe card that I keep smack-dab in the centre of my desk, just below my computer screen…can’t miss it!). And then, each time you are presented with a choice, an opportunity, hold up that card – hold up your intention – and see how it feels against that choice. If they resonate, it will feel as if it is in harmony. And if they don’t, you will feel inside of you something sticky, or icky, or perhaps you will see a red light that indicates a “no.” Practice this, reach out to me if you need support with it, and in the end, use this as your personal litmus test against which all things are measured. I guarantee you will love the results!

Buckets of love,



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