A Note about Qs without As

A Note about Qs without As

In Chronicles of a CEO by Rebecca Liston

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Dear Reader,

I like to ask questions. I am, by nature, the sort of person who likes to understand. I want to “get it.” I want to feel like I have a handle on the Whys and the Wherefores of what’s happening in and around me. 

And so it is particularly difficult for me to be In And Of The World much of the time because there is just so much that doesn’t make any bloody sense at all. The Questions that I have seemingly have no Answers. And this makes me uncomfortable.

It’s been particularly difficult as of late. And so I limit my intake of “The News,” and my presence on social media is cursory at best. I find that limiting my exposure helps me. Narrowing my field of vision, if you will, allows me to focus on what’s important in the moment, and not get lost in The Questions For Which There Are No Answers.

When I am focused on what’s important in the moment – the tasks at hand, whether I shall have strawberries or blueberries or a handful of both, the client that is in front of me, or the interesting webbing on the feet of the duck that just landed in our pool – I can exhale. I can make Space. I can feel The Quiet.

It seems to me that this is honestly all I can do. Instead of getting lost in the chaos of the Questions For Which There Are No Answers, I can create Space and Quiet.

And when you think about it, isn’t that what is actually needed? Space and Quiet to move from Reaction to Consciously Chosen Action? Space and Quiet to allow an Unfolding? Space and Quiet from which Answers might Spring? Perhaps, even, from which an Understanding might emerge?

This is my Hope as I watch the ducks swimming in our pool. 

That perhaps the Space and Quiet that I am creating will add to some sort of Collective Pool of Space and Quiet from which Answers may flow, and Understanding might be born.

This is my Hope.

And if you’re called to do so, I hope you’ll share it with me. 

With love the size of Texas*,

*This note to you today is influenced by the recent horrors in Uvalde, Texas. May God be with the Children, their families, and their communities today and forevermore. Amen.

Big love,

Rebecca Liston helps her clients predict, pivot, and compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace. Her clients quickly uncover the root of their challenges and know the actions to take to overcome them. A six-time nominee for the RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award, Rebecca combines business strategy with intuition, giving her clients the edge on forward-thinking, elegant answers to their most complicated problems. Her clients are entrepreneurs with CEO-mindsets and executives with entrepreneurial instincts. She is based in London, Ontario. What if you could get the answer to your biggest business challenge, in one sitting? Visit rebeccaliston.com to find out more.